Greetings Aspiring Writers!

Everfree Northwest, Seattle’s premier pony convention is known for having one of—if not the—strongest writing tracks in the MLP fandom. As part of that, we run an online writing contest every year: The Everfree NW Scribblefest!

This year’s prompt is: Family Trees: Roots, Branches, and Leaves


It’s up to you, the author, where you want to focus your effort. Good stories will often include elements that make them eligible for multiple awards, and we encourage everyone to focus on good storytelling, rather than targeting a specific award. Do note however, that no story may win more than a single award.


After much deliberation, reading, rereading, and judging we finally have our winners for the Everfree Northwest Scribblefest 2018!

I want to first congratulate all of you who submitted your hard written stories! We had a field of 30 contestants, and that’s amazing! Thank you so much for all your hard work that you do! Now, without further ado, our finalist and their respective categories!

Twilight Sparkle Award

Admiral Biscuit with Spring Comes to Snow Hill Read on FiMFiction

Three stories were nominated for Twilight finalists, and Admiral Biscuit ran away with votes from every judge for it. We loved the attention to detail that really fleshed out the cast of original characters. The attention to detail for such a gorgeous one off with new characters made this an easy win for the Twilight Award.

Rarity Award

Writing Spirit with The Drifting Chariot Read on FiMFiction

So… usually Rarity awards are about beautiful prose, glamour, and some light drama. Then there was Writing Spirit’s piece, that beat up our feelings in a terribly wonderful manner. The Drifting Chariot explored some very difficult themes in an utterly gorgeous and compelling way. Heartshine cried reading it. Enough said.

Rainbow Dash Award

BlazzingInferno with The Root of the Problem Read on FiMFiction

The Dash Award this year goes to the Root of the Problem, with a very charming, if hilarious story about Spike, Rarity, and growing a flower. Together. Sort of. All of us were laughing at the end of the story, but we felt that Spike’s determination throughout the story made “The Root of the Problem” bloom into the Dash award spot.

Pinkie Pie Award

Kris Overstreet with For the Love of the Love of the Game Read on FiMFiction

Oh my gosh. So the Pinkie Pie award has to make you laugh, obviously! What would a story from the Pinkie be without laughter? Well, Kris did an amazing job of doing just that. While reading about Rarity doing something for her dad in the most hilarious way had us gasping for breath we were laughing so hard. Amazing job, Kris!

Applejack Award

Georg with Falling Leaves of Oak Read on FiMFiction

The Applejack award was one of two stories with four nominations for the finals, and Georg ended up walking away with most of the votes for the Applejack category. We loved the lesson that was built into this piece, and we felt that Georg did a wonderful job tying in the theme this year with the Aesops that we come to expect from a well written episode of the show. Falling Leaves of Oak gives us a story from the very interesting perspective of a stallion whose profession is dying, but is still very important. It explores themes of legacy, loss, and the hope for the future that comes from those younger than us.

Fluttershy Award

Posh with Be Good to your Daughters, for They Become Mothers Read on FiMFiction

The Fluttershy award saw some of the fiercest competition this year between the nominees. But in the end, Posh’s story about Pear Butter and Granny Smith won us over with its sweetness. It’s raw. It’s touching. And it does a good job patching up a hole in the show canon that would be very difficult for them to touch. Heartshine cried reading this one too. We’re not sure if that’s indicative of anything, but two of the six winners managed to do that.