Have you always wanted to show off your extensive pony-related knowledge and unique skillset? Ever wonder what it would be like to compete with fellow pony fans in friendly mental combat and ultimate shenanigans? Love random games that test your all around prowess? Or perhaps you just love ponies and want to check out a fun contest held at the convention all weekend long? Well if so, Ponegathon is for you! Come check out Everfree Northwest’s Ponegathon contest, where anyone can compete for fun, fame, and glory! Throughout the weekend we’ll be testing individuals on pony knowledge and adaptivity. This contest requires quick thinking, skills of all types, and challenges attendees to scan their brains in order to prove their superior knowledge. The winner of this battle of wits, versatility, and experience will be deemed the pony of all ponies, and will be presented with a snazzy trophy on stage at closing ceremonies!!