Two unicorn ponies, Pony of Shadows and Starswirl the Bearded, are fighting horn-to-horn.

Following the amazing season finale of season seven, we are excited to announce not one, but TWO more special guests who will be joining us for Everfree Northwest 2018! The amazingly talented Bill Newton has joined our VIP guest line up. Bill voices several new character in season seven of My Little Pony, including Bright Mac, Pharynx, and the Pony of Shadows. Alongside Bill, we are so thrilled to be welcoming Chris Britton to join us for his first ever appearance at a My Little Pony convention! Chris Britton plays a very important and much anticipated character in the finale (no episode spoilers ;D), so go watch it to find out!

This voice acting duo is definitely not the finale of guest announcements though - stay tuned to our EFNW social media sites for more exciting announcements about guests and more.

Bill Newton Bio:

Bill Newton is an Australian actor, voice actor and writer, working in Vancouver, British Columbia.

His roles in voice acting have ranged from Anime (Isami Toma and Kotaru Suwa in World Trigger, Kurokono Tasuke in Gintama) to video games (Dragon Age: Inquisition, Grey Goo) and western animation (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Disney’s Finding Dory).

Bill’s background in theatre, singing and musicianship have prepared him for anything coming his way, and he can’t wait to take on as many new and interesting roles as the world will throw at him! Bill likes travelling, video games, Scotch whiskey and cats.

Chris Britton Bio:

In film and television his talents as a character actor can be seen in roles such as the evil Rombout Kemp in Peter Greenaway’s ‘Nightwatching’, the KKK leader opposite Forest Whitaker in ‘Deacons For Defense’, the mad film critic in John Carpenter’s ‘Cigarette Burns’ and in ‘The Final Cut’ opposite Robin Williams. Recurring roles have been in series such as ‘DaVinci’s Inquest’, ‘DaVinci’s City Hall’, ‘Intelligence’ and ‘Painkiller Jane’. His first screenplay ‘Capital Murder’, based on the true story of the lawyer who defended the last two men to be executed in Canada was awarded a Fellowship in the Praxis Screenwriting Competition.

Britton also has strong voice credits including Mr. Sinister — XMen, Soichiro Yagami — Death Note, and Death Note Re-Light Visions of a God, Dr. Doom — Iron Man: Armored Adventures, and Odin — Thor: Tales of Asgaard. Current roles include the new film, Carrie, and Iron Man: Armored Adventures as well as his very latest work in ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’ as the unicorn wizard, Starswirl the Bearded.

Full Filmography for Chris:

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