Two mascot ponies holding up a green banner that says "Volunteer".

Staffing Everfree Northwest 2018 is coming along nicely, and Department Directors have been chosen! With this we are also excited to announce that our general staff applications are open! Follow the link at the bottom of the announcement to apply for one of our many great volunteer positions.

EFNW 2018 Directors:

  • Design Director - imdrunkontea
  • Events Director - Simul
  • Guest Relations Director - Drew Sind Fain
  • Hotel Director - Nicole
  • Human Resources Director - Ethereal Vision
  • Information Technology Director - TaikoDragon
  • Operations Director - Ruthalas
  • Productions Director - Bpendragon
  • Public Relations Director - Button
  • Royal Guard Director - Linden

We are so happy to welcome our director staff to the team, and these directors are ready to fill their ranks! If you’re interested in volunteering for EFNW 2018 please apply at: