Get ready for the BEST NIGHT EVER

Returning for it’s second year, the Grand Galloping Gala is sure to be the best night ever! Open to all attendees, it will be a fancy pants dance just like the one in the show. Featuring music from the show along with original songs, popular hits, and remixes from our talented DJs, and pony princess cosplayers, the Gala is a great event for all ages!

The Gala will begin at 7:00PM on Saturday, May 19th, and run until Midnight. Admission is included with your badge, and formal dress is encouraged, but it is not required. Not sure what to wear? Here are some suggestions!

  • Button down shirts/suits/vest/tie
  • Dress Pants/Slacks
  • Gowns/Dresses/Skirts
  • Dressy Top/Blouses
  • Military Uniform
  • Dress Shoes/Formal Shoes
  • Formal Cosplay

Put on your best suits and gowns (cosplay encouraged!) and head on down!

Check out the lineup below and share it with your friends:

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